Belong to Love

create love, self-love, be love - it is your birthright

What if I told you that it's easier to express your authentic Self more than you believe?



You are more than what you see in the mirror. You are more than the makeup and the way you style your hair. You are more than the clothes and magazines, more than all the frustration spent on trying to live up to some ridiculous, unobtainable idea.

You are more than who they told you how you could or couldn't be, your stories, your age, your relationship status, your weight, your grades, your family, your income, your orientation, your religion, your career position, or skin color. You are much, much more.

You are who you are and you will always discover new layers, new stories, new mores. You are possibility, strength, enthusiasm, hope and ability. You are destiny before it unfolds, the howl of a wolf at the full moon, bird’s first flight from the nest for the very first time. You are soft like moonlight but powerful enough to threaten the tides. You are enough without being too much; you are so much that you will never lack. You can accomplish things greater than you know.

I'm here to bring you back to your authentic, bad ass Self, and help you continue your journey ahead with soul-shattering clarity to where you belong.

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"My friend Meredith Marple is a brilliant writer who inspires so many people around the world with her insight and wisdom. I'm happy to have found her presence online and look forward to reading more from this amazing mind."

Steve Mariboli
Best-selling Author, Speaker and Behavioral Scientist

"I love following Meredith online. I was instantly drawn to her page after seeing several posts and reading her perspective. It's very rare for me to find a woman that is willing to be 100% genuine and raw with her emotions. Many see vulnerability as a weakness (something society has further engrained in us), but the truth is that vulnerability is beautiful. It's soul to soul communication. Every time I read Meredith's posts I feel uplifted, inspired and empowered."

Lynn Manning
CEO of 2FitAtHome

"When Meredith Marple came into my life she reflected so much light and wisdom, she was no nonsense, she inspired the shit out of me, and we connected instantly. She will validate every idea you ever had on the ways you love yourself, and give you plenty of awesome new ways too. Sometimes we need someone else to take a stand for us and say we deserve to absolutely love and adore ourselves. Meredith is taking that stand. And I honor her for it."

Jenna Galbut
Teacher, Writer, Speaker

"Meredith has been a source of inspiration and strength for me for the past three years. Her quotes literally saved my life. I was going through depression, and then I came across her on Instagram, and she really helped me a lot. I have so many of her old quotes saved because I would literally screenshot everything. When my friend was going through the same, I sent him her writing. She is a blessing and amazing. She is beautiful both inside and out. Keep inspiring and motivating us, Meredith, because you really do have the power to change lives."

Bobo Maina
Lifestyle Blogger


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